We have a wide variety of professional LED luminaires are able to help with your lighting projects, from residential pathway lighting to large area lighting, we have the suitable products that meet your needs. What we have been doing is not only to help owners to reduce energy and operation costs, but to create healthier, safer and more sustainable environments. Upgrade to LED now, contribute to energy conservation and emission reduction.


LED is one of the most energy efficient and cost effective light sources available on current market, its low power consumption, high reliability and long lifespan allow users to realize significant energy savings and maintenance reduction over the lifetime of LED luminaires. Besides, LEDs output more comfortable light compared with conventional lighting, better light means environment safety and productivity are greatly improved.

With DEO Lighting, you will create quality light, our professional LED luminaires are ideal for all kinds of applications, from manufacturing plants to building facades, you can find the correct lighting solution for your every project requirement, our proven products are being sold to over 60 countries worldwide.


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