Architectural Lighting


The benefits of general lighting including, optimize operation costs, improve productivity, enhance safety, reduce carbon emissions; when it comes to architectural lighting applications, there is one more factor we should consider, that is visual experience.

Bright and comfortable illumination in indoor and outdoor architectural sectors will make people and pedestrians more visible and feel safe, and unique lighting design let people have a memorable visual experience, the latter is more important especially for retail and hospitality industries. Business owners of these industries can use beautiful architectural lighting design to attractive more customers, improve their satisfaction to increase sales, also outstanding lighting is able to raise their brand images.

As a leading LED lighting manufacturer and exporter in China, DEO Lighting offers high quality fixtures cover a wide range of demands in architectural lighting such as building facades, wall washers, pathways, private gardens, landscapes, corridors etc, we are not only provide standard products, but also provide customized product service.

STAR series is the core of our architectural lighting range, related luminaires are ideal for lighting building facades, windows and corridors with an incomparable light blade effect, also the STAR washer can be used as wall washer lighting and accent lighting. The series products can be flexibly combined to get incredible lighting performance, available for both indoor and outdoor spaces, surface mounted and recessed types of installation.

STAR 180°

Lighting effect LED luminaire, 180° light blade effect

STAR 360°

Lighting effect LED luminaire, 360° light blade effect


Lighting effect LED luminaire, customized angle light blade effect

STAR Washer

Lighting effect LED luminaire, wall washer effect


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