Warehouse Lighting Design Guide

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Warehouse Lighting Design Guide

Warehouse is a place can be used to store goods that require perfect storage condition, adopting the most suitable luminaires according to the detailed environment and lighting demand of warehouse is absolutely asked, so that the business owner can save operation cost and improve lighting quality.

Requirements Of Warehouse Lighting Design:

Firstly, confirm the hazard level and illumination level of warehouse according to the warehouse environment and usage, so that you are able to know to use what kind of luminaires including explosion-proof luminaires. LED high bay lights and non-corrosive battens are the most common lighting fixtures applied in warehouses.

Use the most efficient and high quality lighting source for instance LED, wiring and installation position of luminaires should be above working passages.

Take good use of nature light, it will help you significantly decrease the quantity of luminaires used, that means you can save lot of initial cost.

Illumination level and quality should be strictly by global lighting standards, the lighting should be bright enough for staffs to be able to perform visual tasks and protect themselves from injury, but not so bright that it causes glare and discomfort, so we need to consider both of lighting visibility and visual comfort.

Finally you need to purchase high quality luminaires such as LED high bay lighting fixtures to make sure the warehouse can be lighten by long lasting and excellent performed luminaires.

Notes Of Warehouse Lighting Design:

Besides of considering enough horizontal and vertical illumination in warehouse, we should also notice the distance between goods and lighting fixtures, the distance must be good for lighting while will not cause a fire, explosion or other dangers. The user should exactly determine and configure the power supply according to the requirement of power load on the reliability of power supply, safety ( staffs and production ) and economic loss due to the interruption of power supply.

In order to prevent and reduce the loss caused by the power failure, the following suggestions may be considered: install standby devices, take use of multiple power supplies, double wiring; set switching devices or self-starting devices; other electrical or non-electrical measures. For example, set generator unit or special line in warehouse that independent of the normal power supply.

Installation Types Of Lighting Fixtures:

Wall mounting: wall mounted installation is widely used in warehouses with low ceiling and high lighting requirement, the advantages of this installation way are easy operation and high quality illumination.

Suspending: this installation is suitable for high ceiling warehouses that require large area lighting but without accent illumination.


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