Seaport Lighting Solution

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Seaport Lighting Solution

The economy keeps growing, the problem of environment is becoming worsen, so energy saving and emission reduction are top urgent for global. The power consumption in Shanghai International Port Zone is up to 6 million k Wh. Seaport companies have always been a major energy consumer in transportation industry, energy saving has been an efficient and important way for seaport companies to improve their international competitiveness.

For conventional lighting fixtures, HPS fixtures are mainly used in seaports, but they come with many disadvantages, low CRI, long star time, low power factor, short life time ( normally less than 10,000 hours ), also the maintenance cost of conventional fixtures is very high.

So what kind of luminaires are ideal for seaport? We have some suggestions for your reference.

1. High illumination: fixtures used in seaport are required high lumen output because the seaport area are very large and the installation height of fixtures are also very high.

2. Long life: installation and maintenance of high mast lighting fixtures are high-altitude operations, labor intensity and risk are large, so the installation and maintenance costs are very high, long lifespan and low maintenance luminaires are needed.

3. Safe and reliable: there are tens of thousands goods in seaport with complicated environments, safe and reliable lighting solution is necessary to be used to ensure the security in seaport areas, right lighting fixtures enhance security and avoid dangerous occurrences happen due to the failure of fixtures.

4. Excellent protection: the environment of seaport is moist and corrosive, so high protection rated and corrosive resistance luminaires are required. High water-poof level such as IP65 can avoid vapor to come to the inside of fixtures and make sure long life, high shock-proof level such as IK10 can protect fixtures from fallen and guarantee safety.

5. Superior light: it is quite foggy in seaport zone, so we must choose the luminaires with high penetrate and right color temp to make sure the illumination level meets lighting requirement. Also the luminaires should be with multiple beam angle options, so that the light can be delivered to any places need to be illuminated, even if for very long distance.


As a leading and the most reliable LED lights manufacturer in China, DEO Lighting is able to offer a wide range of LED lighting fixtures with superior light and uniformity used for seaport and large areas including:

Large container storage areas

Crane lighting and other loading/unloading areas

Access roads

Wall and perimeter security