Roadway Lighting Design Guide

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Roadway Lighting Design Guide

Roadway lighting means the lighting for roadways and their related ancillary facilities, the safety and traffic capacity of roadways can be greatly improved by good lighting design, excellent light is able to improve the visibility of drivers can pedestrians so that they can see and be seen more clearly, it is a efficient way to reduce traffic accidents.

According to the usages, roadways lighting can be divided into two types: motorway lighting and sidewalk lighting. Among them, motorway can be also divided into expressways and major roads, secondary roads, branch roads.


Meanwhile, the illumination level on road is impacted by the pavement material, it requires different average illumination to get 1cd/m2 on roads with different material, strictly speaking, it is also related to the degree of wear of roads and light distributions of luminaires.

We need to choose the roadway lighting fixtures with qualified dust proof level and water proof level according to the environment of roadways, the level is at least IP65, cost and maintenance demand will be significantly reduced if you choose the luminaires with right IP rate.

Speaking to product structure, it’s better to choose lighting fixture with SMD type LED light source combined with excellent thermal management, so that heat dissipation performance will be promised. The material of street lights housing should be high quality aluminum, with ideal waterproof and corrosion resistance performance, then the fixtures are able to work stably and keep delivering quality light in different environments.

In addition, general lighting type or high pole lighting type can be chosen based on the characteristics of roadways and lighting requirements.

General lighting can be divided into 5 ways: single-sided arrangement, double-sided staggered arrangement, double-sided symmetric arrangement, central symmetric arrangement and lateral suspension arrangement. When choosing general street and roadway lighting, the cantilever length of the luminaire should not exceed 1/4 of the installation height, and the elevation angle of the luminaire should not exceed 15°.

When choosing the high pole lighting, the poles shall not be located in dangerous places or places where traffic is seriously obstructed during maintenance; the maximum light intensity projection direction and vertical angle of the lamps shall not exceed 65°; the high pole lights installed in the urban area shall meet the illumination. Coordinate with the environment under the premise of functional requirements.


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