Lighting For Window Reveals

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Lighting For Window Reveals

Are you looking for a lighting solution for window reveals? Here’s a new option for illuminating window frames, a compact and well designed luminaire with 360° narrow light beam that can create a dramatic accent lighting effect, compared with linear lights and strip lights, it features smaller size, easier installation and better performance.

Star Series are unique lighting fixtures for window reveal and corridor applications thanks to the special optical system, the intensity of light blade is adapted around the facade with no failure, interesting lighting effects are delivered for architectures.

The luminaires are LED output with low power consumption, Star Series are available in single color and RGB / RGBW color mixing version, they can be controlled and managed by DMX512 lighting system and programmed to create attractive effects and light show content.

Star Series can be installed easily by surface mounting or recessed mounting to meet different projects, they are ideal solutions to highlight building at night.

Star 360° offers vertical, horizontal and sloping 360° light blade effects, it can be installed quickly and easily thanks to compact design, used to improve the quality of indoor and outdoor environments and highlight details with high level visual comfort, it has created a new lighting solution for both architectural and artistical sectors. Surface-mounted type with IP65 for indoor and outdoor, recessed type with IP20 for indoor.