Lighting For Manufacturing Plants

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Lighting For Manufacturing Plants

Manufacturing plants are places that used to produce all kind of commercial goods, they are composed of industrial workplaces, various outdoor sites and road ways. Industrial manufacturing plants are needed specific lighting systems because of different product types, factory structures and sites.

Generally speaking, staffs need to work continuously in workplaces, offices and related working areas, so lighting system with long time and continuous operation is required. If lighting fails during working time, production will be reduced and also there is some negative impact. Therefore, excellent lighting system is the basic requirement for ensuring product quality and productivity.

Ⅰ. Industrial manufacturing plants can be roughly divided into following three types according to the characteristics of production of goods:

1. Common manufacturing plants

Common manufacturing plants can be divided into single-storey industrial buildings and multi-storey industrial buildings, and they demand different lighting. Single storey industrial building are normally with high ceiling, so high illumination level is required, lighting fixtures used are normally suspended high power luminaires. And multi-storey industrial buildings are not with high ceiling as single-storey buildings, so wide beam angle and medium power lighting fixtures are applied.

2. Explosive and flammable manufacturing plants

For safety concerns, explosion-proof lighting fixtures should be used in explosive and flammable industrial places, explosion-proof lights with features of excellent security performance, antistatic, high temperature resistance, good heat dissipation, robust and long lasting.

3. Manufacturing plants in harsh environment

Some industrial workplaces are dusty, moist, corrosive, or filled with vapor, then non corrosive lighting fixtures ( also named vapor tight fixture, waterproof fixture, tri-proof fixtue ) can be used in these areas.

Ⅱ. Some suggestions for lighting of industrial manufacturing plants:

1. Lighting design guides

( a ) workplaces are required high illumination level, and the density of working areas is not large, general lighting is available, some areas can be applied in composite lighting.

( b ) workplaces are not required high illumination level, or accent lighting and composite lighting are not available due to the limit of production condition, general lighting should be used.

( c ) when some working areas in workplaces are required higher illumination level, localized general lighting is suggested.

( d ) when localized general lighting can not meet the lighting demand, accent lighting should be used as supplementary.

( e ) working areas should not be lighted only by accent lighting.

2. Standard of illumination level

International industrial lighting standards by CIE as a reference for the illumination level.

3. Lighting quality

( a ) use high efficient lighting fixtures with right light distribution, light distribution is based on the physical date and lux requirement of workplaces.

( b ) use the light source with right color temperature and color rendering index ( CRI ) for production requirement.

( c ) lighting uniformity should meet international standards.

( d ) glare index should be considered.

( e ) related measures should be applied to reduce the impact on lighting due to voltage fluctuation.

( d ) lighting fixtures should work in right input voltage.

Ⅳ. How to choose light source for illuminating manufacturing plants:

LED is the most efficient and durable lighting technology on current market, it can help people to significantly reduce energy and operation cost, improve visibility, visual comfort and productivity thanks to its high quality light output, also it will improve the safety for staffs when they are working.

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