Lighting A Football Field

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Lighting A Football Field

Lighting quality in football fields should be high in terms of uniformity, visual comfort and limitation of obtrusive light. In football stadium lighting design, illuminance level should be confirmed according to the types of football fields, and also light source and performance should be mainly considered due to the specialism and professionalism of football games.

  1. luminous efficiency
  2. Lumen output of fixtures
  3. Utilization and valid lighting on illuminated area
  4. Color temperature and CRI of light source
  5. Star and restart
  6. Annual using time
  7. Initial investment and operation cost

Football fields can be divided into 2 types: used for training and recreation with little or no spectator; used for matches with spectators.

1.  In the lighting of facilities used for training and recreation with little or no spectator, average illuminance level in playing field is 100-200 lux, and the ratio of minimum horizontal illumination and average horizontal illumination is not less than 1:4.

2. Higher illuminance level and uniformity are required in the lighting of facilities used for matches with spectators. For the spectators, the visibility of players are related to both vertical illuminance and horizontal illuminance. Vertical illuminance depends on the direction and position of lighting fixtures. Recommended illuminance level is horizontal illuminance due to it is easy to calculate and measure. The quantity of audiences depends on the football stadium capacity, and viewing distance depends on the size of stadium, so the required illuminance increases following the increase of size of football stadiums.

Lighting fixtures can be installed on the edge of ceiling of stands, also they can be installed on high poles around the football fields, quantity and wattage of fixtures are based on field types and illuminance requirements.

Below some main installations of football field lighting:

  1. Lighting fixtures installed on high poles placed at the corner of field.
  2. Lighting fixtures installed on 4 high poles placed on both sides, 2 poles each side.
  3. Lighting fixtures installed on 6 high poles placed on both sides, 3 poles each side.
  4. Lighting fixtures installed on 8 high poles around the field.

Glare control is the most important part in football field lighting, there are 3 main factors that impact on glare:

  1. The intensity distribution of lighting fixtures.
  2. Light distribution direction of lighting fixtures.
  3. The brightness of environment of football fields.

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