Industrial Lighting


Comfort, productivity and working enthusiasm of staffs are significantly affected by the lighting in industrial areas, high quality lighting can reduce energy and operation cost, improve productivity, enhance employees’ comfort. Also the visibility in workplaces is greatly improved with the help of better LED output, employees can concentrate and see more clearly the working environments and protect themselves from injury, LED lighting does enhance their safety.

As a professional and reliable manufacturer in China we can produce a wide range of LED luminaires for industrial sectors, such as LED high bay lights, canopy lights, gas station lights, linear lighting fixtures etc, they can be used to replace existing conventional fixtures with HID, metal halide and fluorescent, or installed in new lighting projects. Long lating, high performance light, great energy saving and carbon emission reduction make our products ideal for manufacturing places, warehouses, logistics areas, sport facilities, gas stations and many other industrial and commercial lighting applications.

Good lighting is about quality and comfort, the lighting should be bright enough for staffs to be able to perform visual tasks, but not so bright that it causes glare and discomfort. In addition to this, it’s now clear that light has a biological effect and there are valuable emotional benefit gained by adjusting light in work environments. Our products are designed with superior optical design, they deliver proper brightness and uniformity, it is necessary to use high luminous efficacy LED luminaires to have the maximum cost reduction, but also we should realize if the illuminated places are really required the lumens given; only employees feel better they are able to work better, working environments should be illuminated by comfortable lighting.


High lumen output LED high bay light 160 lm/W


Copper heat pipe technology LED high bay light


Compact designed high output circular LED high bay light


Powerful LED high bay light ideal for high ceiling


LED retrofit bulb 20-120W replacement for HID lamp


Weather-proof non corrosive LED batten luminaire


High performance LED T8 fluorescent replacement


Explosion-proof LED canopy fixture for gas stations


Suspended LED Linear High Bay Light


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