Arena & Stadiums Lighting

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Arena & Stadiums Lighting

There are two types of arena & stadiums: standard and non-standard. They are mainly used for sports teaching and training, providing all kinds of activities for people and competitions for athletes. Race tracks and various competition areas are set inside of the stadiums.

According to building blocks, stadium lighting can be divided into 3 types: main game area lighting, general game area lighting and supporting facilities area lighting. According to functional requirements, it can be divided into 6 types: venue lighting, auditorium lighting, emergency lighting, architectural facade lighting and roadway lighting. According to competition events and levels, arena lighting can be divided into: match field lighting, training field lighting, live broadcasting lighting, general lighting. Meanwhile, the required illumination levels, applied functions and controls in above classifications are different.

Stadiums can be classified as normal stadiums and broadcasting stadiums, stadiums with broadcasting requirement are normally large enough to accommodate tens of thousands audiences, and the architecture level is high, they are used to hold international or national games, the required illuminance is at least 1,500 lux, this illuminance is tested from one meter above field, so all of horizontal illuminance, vertical illuminance and uniformity should be considered in stadium lighting design.

The benefits of good stadium lighting: improve the fan experience, diversify revenue streams, meet the latest broadcasting and sports federation standards, create a safe venue, and reduce operational costs.

The lighting should provide even and low glare illumination for all the areas in sports facilities, and visual comfort for players, officials and spectators.

The requirements of standard sports stadium lighting including:

1. Light source should be LED or MH ( white light ).

2. High mast sports flood lighting fixtures with low glare are normally used.

3. The power of light source is needed based on the installation height, density of fixtures, illuminance requirement and viewing distance.

4. Lighting can be controlled separately according to the standard of matches and type of games.

5. Glare can be reduced if appropriately enlarge the distance between fixtures.

6. Emergency lighting system should be considered.

The most common ways to install luminaires in sport arena & stadiums:

1. Four-corner arrangement, arranged on both sides – light belt cloth rod and multi-rod arrangement, mixed arrangement and circumference arrangement.

2. Four-corner arrangement: the lamps are arranged in a concentrated manner with the poles at the corners of the competition venue

3. Light belt arrangement: the light fixture is combined with the construction horse track

4. Multi-rod arrangement: The luminaire is combined with a light pole or a lighthouse and arranged in clusters on both sides of the field.

5. Hybrid arrangement: a combination of two-sided arrangement and four-corner arrangement.

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