Star 360° Light Blade Effect


Star series products are unique LED luminaires that deliver inspiring and magical visual experiences thanks to the innovative optical lens, the lamp body is compact design, but it features spectacular lighting effects including 180°, 360° and customized angle light blade effects, wall washer effects, ideal for lighting windows, modern and historical architectures, facades and showcases. The colors of lighting effect are available in single color ( white, red, green, blue ), RGB, and RGBW, that depends on the colors of LED light sources used.

Together with Star series you will find new decorative elements to customize and personalize spaces, each of spaces lighten by Star shows amazing 3-dimensional effects, you are able to create a great atmosphere by positioning fixtures as what you want. This series can work well with DMX512 control system, the system allows the individual devices to be switched on separately so that light and shadow can be moved across the lighten surfaces, at the mean time with DMX512 you can have thousands of color combinations, it is perfect for outdoor facade lighting.


▪ 360° light blade effect

▪ Compact body maximizes illuminated area

▪ LED light source brand CREE

▪ Single LED color, RGB, RGBW

▪ Input voltage 24Vdc, 100-240Vac

▪ Die-casting aluminum body of colors silver, white, black

▪ Antioxidative polycarbonate optical lens

▪ Compatible with DMX512 control system

▪Surface-mounted and recessed installations


Star 360° offers vertical, horizontal and sloping 360° light blade effects, it can be installed quickly and easily thanks to compact design, used to improve the quality of indoor and outdoor environments and highlight details with high level visual comfort, it has created a new lighting solution for both architectural and artistical sectors. Surface-mounted type with IP65 for indoor and outdoor, recessed type with IP20 for indoor.

▪ building facades, windows

▪ indoor, outdoor corridors

▪ door and portico perimeters

▪ residential gardens, pathways

▪ decorative lighting

▪ landscape lighting

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