A New Solution For Illuminating Corridors And Hallways

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A New Solution For Illuminating Corridors And Hallways

LED strips ( tapes ) are widely used in the lighting of corridors and hallways, light blade effect is created on the wall by the recessed strip lights, it looks nice but the users have to do a lots of works on installation. They need to prepare various materials such as LED strip lights, aluminum profiles and power supplies, then start the complicated installation including digging trenches and wiring. Obviously, it is difficult even for professional electricians, let alone for consumers with few knowledge of how to install LED strip lights and aluminum profiles.

Here we are providing a new solution, an entire frame can be illuminated by only one compact LED lighting fixture, this luminaire ( 100-240VAC version ) is completed with an internal Meanwell power supply, so it can be installed on the wall or ceiling very easily by surface mounting method. Then you can see amazing 360 degree light blade on the wall.

Also, you can control the length and angle of light blade with the help of accessory angle shifter, by cutting and positioning the angle shifter combined with the luminaire.

Star 360° and Star Pro are available in recessed mounting installation to meet more application requirements.

The luminaires can be controlled by DMX512 or remote controller to to create attractive effects and light show content.

They can be also used for accent lighting of window frames and make the building impressed at night, so they are also called LED window lights.

DEO Lighting is a professional Chinese manufacturer of LED outline lights and window lights for architectural lighting applications.